What Is the Longest Burp in World History?

Believe it or not, burping is not just a natural bodily function, but it is also a competitive sport! Yes, you heard it right.

There are competitions held across the world where people compete to see who can burp the longest. But have you ever wondered what the longest burp in world history is? Let’s find out!

What Causes Burping?

Before we dive into the topic of the longest burp in world history, let’s first understand what causes burping. Burping or belching is caused when excess air is trapped in your esophagus and stomach. This air can enter your stomach while eating or drinking, or can be caused due to certain medical conditions like acid reflux or GERD.

The Longest Burp Ever Recorded

The current Guinness World Record for the longest burp was set by an American man named Tim Janus in 2009. He managed to let out a burp that lasted for an incredible 18.1 seconds! Janus broke the previous record set by British man Paul Hunn, whose burp lasted for 16.4 seconds.

The Rules of Competitive Burping

Competitive burping involves following certain rules and guidelines to ensure fair play and accurate measurement of the duration of the burp. The contestant must take a deep breath before starting their attempt and should only let out one continuous belch without any pauses or breaks.

What Makes a Good Burper?

Burping might seem like an easy task, but it takes skill and practice to become a good burper. Strong diaphragm muscles, control over breathing, and the ability to swallow air quickly are some of the essential qualities that make a good burper.


In conclusion, while belching might not be considered socially acceptable in most cultures, it is fascinating to know that some people have turned it into a competitive sport. The longest burp in world history, which lasted for 18.1 seconds, was achieved by Tim Janus in 2009. So the next time you feel a burp coming on, remember that it could potentially be your ticket to fame and fortune!