What Is the Longest Game in World Series History?

The World Series is an annual championship series in Major League Baseball (MLB) played between the American League (AL) and National League (NL) champions. The series has been played since 1903 and has seen some incredible games over the years. But what is the longest game in World Series history?

The Longest Game in World Series History

In 2018, the Los Angeles Dodgers faced off against the Boston Red Sox in what would become the longest game in World Series history. The game took place on October 26th at Dodger Stadium and lasted a staggering 7 hours and 20 minutes.

The Game

The game was Game 3 of the series and was tied at 1-1 going into extra innings. It wasn’t until the top of the 13th inning that the Red Sox managed to take a commanding lead, scoring two runs to make it 3-1.

But the Dodgers weren’t ready to give up just yet. In the bottom of the 13th inning, they managed to score a run to bring it back to within one run. However, they couldn’t manage to score another run, so the game ended with a final score of 3-2 in favor of Boston.

Why Did It Take So Long?

There were many factors that contributed to this lengthy game. For starters, both teams used a total of nine pitchers throughout the game, which meant that there were numerous pitching changes and delays.

Additionally, there were several key moments throughout the game that led to extended breaks. For example, there was a controversial call in the bottom of the tenth inning when Dodgers’ player Max Muncy hit a ball down the line that was initially ruled foul but later deemed fair after review.

Finally, as the game went on, fatigue started to set in for both teams, which led to longer at-bats and more deliberate pitching.

The Impact of the Game

While the game was certainly a marathon, it’s worth noting that it didn’t have a significant impact on the series as a whole. Boston would go on to win the series in five games, with this game being their only extra-inning victory.

However, the game will go down in history as one of the most memorable in World Series history due to its length and drama.


In conclusion, the longest game in World Series history took place in 2018 between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox. The game lasted a staggering 7 hours and 20 minutes and featured numerous pitching changes, controversial calls, and extended breaks. While it didn’t have a significant impact on the series outcome, it will be remembered as one of the most memorable games in World Series history.