What Is the Most Famous Monument in Ancient Greece?

If we think of Ancient Greece, the first thing that comes to our mind may be its monumental architecture. Ancient Greeks built some of the most remarkable structures and monuments in history.

These structures have stood the test of time, and some still stand today. Among them, one monument stands out as the most famous one – The Parthenon.

What is The Parthenon?

The Parthenon is a temple located on the Acropolis hill in Athens, Greece. It was built between 447 BC and 432 BC during the Golden Age of Athens under the rule of Pericles. The temple was dedicated to Athena Parthenos, who was considered the patron goddess of Athens.

Why is it So Famous?

The Parthenon is renowned for its impressive architectural design and rich history. It’s a symbol of Ancient Greek civilization and an excellent representation of their art, culture, and wisdom.

The temple’s facade features 46 outer columns and eight inner columns that support a massive roof made of marble slabs. Inside the temple, there was once a colossal statue of Athena made out of ivory and gold.

The History Behind The Parthenon

The history behind The Parthenon is as compelling as its architecture. It has been through numerous changes and events throughout its existence.

During ancient times, the Parthenon served not only as a religious site but also as a treasury for Athens’ wealth. However, during the Middle Ages, it was converted into a Christian church by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I.

In 1687, during a war between Venice and Ottoman Empire, an explosion in the temple caused significant damage to its structure. Later in 1801-1803, Lord Elgin removed many sculptures from The Parthenon and took them to England where they are still displayed at The British Museum.

The Legacy of The Parthenon

The Parthenon’s legacy has been long-lasting, and it continues to influence modern-day architecture. Its architectural design has inspired countless buildings throughout history, including the U.S Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Today, The Parthenon is a popular tourist attraction that draws visitors from all over the world. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most iconic landmarks in Greece.


In conclusion, The Parthenon is undoubtedly the most famous monument in Ancient Greece. It’s an impressive structure that showcases the artistic and architectural expertise of Ancient Greeks. Its rich history and cultural significance make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history or architecture.