What Is the Second Biggest Heist in American History?

The United States of America has seen some of the biggest heists in history. While we all know about the famous robbery at Fort Knox, not many people are aware of the second biggest heist in American history. The heist took place at the Dunbar Armored facility in Los Angeles, California on September 12, 1997.

The Heist

The Dunbar Armored facility was responsible for transporting money to banks and ATMs throughout Southern California. On the night of September 12th, six men entered the facility dressed as guards and armed with guns.

They overpowered the guards on duty and tied them up. The robbers then spent hours loading cash into a U-Haul truck that they had parked inside a nearby garage.

The Amount Stolen

When all was said and done, the robbers made off with an estimated $18.9 million in cash. This is only second to the famous Lufthansa heist that took place at JFK airport where $21 million was stolen.

The Investigation

The investigation into the Dunbar heist led to some interesting findings. First, it was discovered that one of the robbers was an employee at Dunbar Armored –- a man named Allen Pace. Pace had been working at Dunbar for ten years and had insider knowledge about how things worked at the facility.

Secondly, it was found out that one of the robbers had left behind a partially eaten sandwich at the scene of the crime. This sandwich provided DNA evidence that eventually led to arrests.

The Aftermath

All six robbers were eventually caught and convicted for their crimes. Some were sentenced to life in prison while others received lesser sentences in exchange for their cooperation with investigators.

The Dunbar heist remains one of the most audacious robberies in American history –- a reminder that even the most secure facilities can be breached with insider knowledge and careful planning.


The Dunbar heist was an incredible feat of planning and execution. The robbers were able to make off with almost $19 million in cash, making it the second biggest heist in American history.

The investigation into the crime led to some fascinating discoveries about how the robbery was planned and executed, as well as how DNA evidence can be used to catch criminals. While the six robbers may have thought they had pulled off the perfect crime, eventually justice caught up with them.