What Is the Significance of Jesus Calling 12 Disciples?

Jesus Christ is known to be the son of God, and his life and teachings have been a significant influence on Christianity for over two millennia. One of the most crucial aspects of his ministry was the calling of 12 disciples.

The disciples were a group of men who were chosen by Jesus to accompany him on his mission to spread the word of God. In this article, we will discuss the significance of Jesus calling 12 disciples.

The Number 12 in Biblical Context

Throughout the Bible, the number 12 has special significance. There were twelve tribes of Israel, and in the New Testament, Jesus called twelve disciples.

The number 12 represents completeness and perfection in God’s eyes. It is believed that Jesus chose twelve disciples to represent the twelve tribes of Israel and to show that his message was for all people.

The Purpose of Calling Disciples

Jesus called disciples because he needed helpers in his mission to spread God’s word. He wanted people who would be willing to follow him anywhere and assist him in teaching others about God’s love and salvation. By selecting a group of twelve men, he could ensure that they would be able to travel with him while still being able to carry out their individual responsibilities.

The Selection Process

The selection process for choosing his disciples was not random or haphazard. Jesus chose people who were committed to following him and who had a genuine desire to learn more about God’s teachings. Some were fishermen like Peter, James, John, and Andrew; Matthew was a tax collector; Thomas was a skeptic; Simon was a Zealot; Judas later betrayed him.

Simon Peter

Simon Peter was one of Jesus’ closest friends and confidants among the disciples. He is considered by many as the leader among them since he often spoke up for them when they failed or misunderstood what Jesus was teaching.

John the Apostle

John the Apostle is known as the disciple whom Jesus loved, and he wrote several books of the New Testament, including the Gospel of John, which provides a detailed account of Jesus’ life and teachings.

The Role of Disciples in Spreading God’s Word

The disciples had an essential role in spreading God’s word during and after Jesus’ ministry. They were witnesses to his teachings, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection. After Jesus’ ascension into heaven, they continued his work by preaching his message to others.

  • Peter became a leader in the early Christian church.
  • John traveled extensively to spread the Gospel.
  • James was one of the first martyrs of Christianity.
  • Judas betrayed Jesus but later regretted his actions and committed suicide.

The Legacy of the Disciples

The disciples’ legacy continues to this day through their writings and teachings. They were instrumental in spreading Christianity throughout the world, and their message continues to inspire people today. Their commitment to God’s word and their willingness to follow Jesus is an example for all Christians.

In conclusion, Jesus calling 12 disciples was a significant event that helped him spread God’s word throughout the world. The disciples played an essential role in his ministry and continue to be an inspiration for Christians today.

By choosing twelve men who were committed to following him, Jesus demonstrated that his message was for all people regardless of their background or social status. The disciples’ legacy will continue to inspire people around the world for generations to come.