What Is the Situation Why Jesus Disciples Are So Afraid and What Happened After Jesus Interfered?

The disciples of Jesus were in a state of panic and fear after the crucifixion of their master. They were hiding, uncertain about what the future held for them. The events that unfolded had left them shaken and scared.

The Situation: The crucifixion of Jesus had left his disciples in a state of confusion. They had been with him throughout his ministry, witnessing miracles that they could not explain. However, they did not fully understand the implications of Jesus’ mission until he was arrested, tried and then crucified.

The Fear: With their leader gone, the disciples were afraid that they would be next on the list. They went into hiding, locking themselves away in a room, unsure what to do next. They were afraid that they would be hunted down by the authorities and suffer the same fate as Jesus.

The Intervention:

It was at this point that Jesus stepped in. Despite having been crucified, he returned to his disciples, bringing with him a message of hope and forgiveness.

The Resurrection:

Jesus’ resurrection was a pivotal moment for his disciples, as it confirmed his divinity and gave them hope for their own salvation. When he appeared to them after being raised from the dead, they realized that he truly was the Son of God.

The Transformation: This encounter with Jesus transformed his disciples from fearful individuals into bold evangelists who were willing to share the message of salvation with anyone who would listen.

  • Peter went on to preach to crowds in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost.
  • James became a leader in the early church.
  • John wrote several books in the New Testament.


In conclusion, the fear experienced by Jesus’ disciples after his crucifixion was understandable given the circumstances. However, with Jesus’ intervention, they were transformed into bold and courageous evangelists who spread the message of salvation far and wide.

The resurrection of Jesus not only confirmed his divinity but also gave his followers hope for their own salvation. As believers today, we can learn from the example of the disciples and be encouraged that no matter what challenges we face, our hope is in Christ.