What Is Unit 9 of AP World History About?

Unit 9 of AP World History is an important module that covers a significant period in global history. This unit is all about the period from 1900 CE to the present day and focuses on the major developments and changes that shaped the world during this time.

The Themes of Unit 9

The themes covered in Unit 9 include revolutions, global conflicts, decolonization, globalization, and environmental movements. These themes are essential for understanding how the world has transformed over the last century and what factors have driven these changes.

Revolutionary Movements

One of the key topics covered in Unit 9 is revolutionary movements. This includes social, political, and economic revolutions that have occurred worldwide.

Some of these movements include the Russian Revolution of 1917, Chinese Revolution of 1949, Cuban Revolution of 1959, and Iranian Revolution of 1979. These revolutions brought about significant changes in their respective countries and had a profound impact on global politics.

Global Conflicts

Another important theme covered in Unit 9 is global conflicts. This includes both World War I and II as well as other regional conflicts such as the Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and more recent conflicts like those in Syria and Ukraine. The impact of these conflicts on global politics and society cannot be overstated.


Unit 9 also covers decolonization which refers to the process by which colonial powers relinquished control over their colonies. This process began after World War II when many European nations were weakened economically and politically due to the war’s devastation. Many African countries gained independence during this period along with some Asian countries like India.


Globalization is another crucial theme covered in Unit 9. It refers to the interconnectedness between different parts of the world that has resulted from advancements in technology, transportation, and communication. This has led to increased trade, cultural exchange, and migration which have had a significant impact on the world economy and society.

Environmental Movements

Finally, Unit 9 covers environmental movements which have become increasingly important in recent years as people have become more aware of the impact of human activity on the environment. These movements seek to promote sustainable development practices and reduce pollution and waste.


In conclusion, Unit 9 of AP World History covers a broad range of topics that are essential for understanding how the world has changed over the last century. By studying this period, we can gain insight into the major developments and changes that have shaped our modern world.