What Is World History for Us All?

World History for Us All is an online curriculum that provides teachers and students with access to innovative resources and materials to enhance their understanding of global history. This curriculum is designed for students in middle and high school, but also includes resources for college-level courses.

What Is World History for Us All?

World History for Us All is a comprehensive online curriculum that aims to teach global history in a way that is accessible and engaging for students of all ages. The curriculum is designed around three main themes:

  • The Big Eras
  • Global Themes
  • Teaching Units

The Big Eras

The Big Eras are eight periods of time that cover the entire span of human history, from the emergence of Homo sapiens to the present day. Each era is divided into smaller units, which focus on specific historical events, themes, or geographic regions.

The Big Eras provide students with a broad chronological framework for understanding world history. They help students see how events in one part of the world were connected to events in other parts of the world, and how historical developments in one era set the stage for developments in later eras.

Global Themes

Global Themes are topics that cut across different eras and regions of the world. They provide students with a way to explore important issues that have shaped human history, such as:

  • Migration and Settlement
  • Religion and Belief Systems
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Power and Empire
  • Cultural Interaction and Exchange
  • Disease and Demography
  • Warfare and Conflict

Global Themes allow students to see how different historical events and developments are connected to broader patterns in human history. They also encourage students to think critically about how these themes have influenced the world we live in today.

Teaching Units

Teaching Units are designed to help teachers and students explore specific topics in depth. Each unit includes a range of resources, such as readings, primary source documents, maps, images, and multimedia materials.

Teaching Units cover a wide range of topics, from the rise of civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt to the global impact of the Industrial Revolution. They also include units on important events in modern history, such as World War II and the Cold War.

Why Is World History for Us All Important?

World History for Us All is important because it provides students with a comprehensive understanding of global history. By studying world history, students can:

  • Develop a broad perspective on human history
  • Understand how different cultures have interacted over time
  • Explore important themes that have shaped human history
  • Critically analyze historical sources and arguments
  • Recognize the complexity of historical events and developments
  • Apply historical knowledge to contemporary issues and challenges

World History for Us All is also important because it helps prepare students for success in college and beyond. By studying global history, students develop critical thinking skills, research skills, writing skills, and cultural competence. These skills are essential for success in today’s globalized world.


In conclusion, World History for Us All is an innovative online curriculum that provides teachers and students with access to high-quality resources and materials for studying global history. By using this curriculum, teachers can help students develop a comprehensive understanding of human history and prepare them for success in college and beyond.