What Items Are at the National Museum of American History?

The National Museum of American History is one of the most popular museums in Washington D.C., attracting millions of visitors from around the world each year. The museum is home to a diverse collection of artifacts that represent American history and culture. Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious about the past, there’s something for everyone at this amazing museum.

What can you expect to see when you visit the National Museum of American History?

The museum’s collection is vast and covers everything from politics and pop culture to science and technology. Here are just a few highlights:

The Star-Spangled Banner

One of the most iconic artifacts on display at the museum is the original Star-Spangled Banner flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem. The flag is enormous, measuring 30 feet by 34 feet, and is displayed in a special exhibit alongside other historic flags and banners.

First Ladies’ Inaugural Gowns

Another popular exhibit at the National Museum of American History showcases the inaugural gowns worn by America’s first ladies. From Martha Washington’s silk dress to Michelle Obama’s stunning Jason Wu gown, this exhibit offers a glimpse into the fashion choices and cultural significance of these important women throughout history.

The Greensboro Lunch Counter

One of the more powerful exhibits at the museum is a replica of the Greensboro lunch counter where four African American college students staged a sit-in protest in 1960. This simple piece of furniture represents an important moment in civil rights history when young people challenged segregation through peaceful protest.

Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat

The top hat worn by President Abraham Lincoln on the night he was assassinated is another fascinating artifact on display at this museum. The hat has become an enduring symbol of Lincoln’s presidency and his tragic death.

The First Computer

The National Museum of American History is also home to the first computer, the ENIAC. This massive machine was built in the 1940s and was used to calculate ballistics during World War II. Today, it’s a symbol of human ingenuity and innovation.

Other Exhibits

In addition to these iconic artifacts, the National Museum of American History has dozens of other exhibits covering a wide range of topics. Visitors can explore everything from the history of American music to the evolution of transportation. There are also exhibits dedicated to everyday life in America throughout different periods in history.


Whether you’re interested in politics, science, fashion, or pop culture, the National Museum of American History has something to offer. With its diverse collection of artifacts and engaging exhibits, this museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in learning more about American history and culture. Make sure to plan your visit today!