What Jesus Did After the Resurrection?

After the resurrection of Jesus, there is a lot of speculation about what he did next. While the Bible does not give a complete account of his activities, there are several passages that provide some insight into what he did after rising from the dead.

The Empty Tomb

The first thing that happened after the resurrection was that the tomb where Jesus had been buried was found empty. According to the Gospel of Matthew, an angel appeared at the tomb and rolled away the stone that had been sealing it. The women who came to visit found that Jesus’s body was not there.

Appearances to Disciples

After the discovery of the empty tomb, Jesus began to appear to his disciples. According to the Gospel of Luke, two disciples were walking on a road outside Jerusalem when they encountered Jesus, who walked and talked with them but was not immediately recognized. Later that day, Jesus appeared to his disciples in a locked room and showed them his wounds as proof of his identity.


One disciple who was not present during this appearance was Thomas. When he heard about it later, he expressed doubt about whether it had really happened. A week later, Jesus appeared again and allowed Thomas to touch his wounds, convincing him that he had truly risen from the dead.

The Great Commission

Before ascending into heaven, Jesus gave his disciples a final commission to spread his message throughout the world. This is known as “The Great Commission” and is recorded in several places in the New Testament. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus says “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

Ascension into Heaven

Finally, after spending forty days with his followers after his resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven. The Book of Acts describes this event in detail, saying that Jesus was lifted up into the sky until he disappeared from sight. The disciples were left looking up into the sky until two angels appeared and told them that Jesus would return in the same way that he had left.


In conclusion, the Bible gives us a glimpse into what Jesus did after his resurrection. He appeared to his followers, gave them a final commission to spread his message, and then ascended into heaven. While we may not know all the details of what happened during those forty days, we can be sure that Jesus’s resurrection was a pivotal moment in history that changed everything.