What Jobs Did They Have in Ancient Times?

In ancient times, jobs were vastly different from what we have today. People had to rely on their own skills and resources to survive. Let’s take a look at some of the jobs that existed in ancient times.


Farming was one of the earliest professions known to man. In ancient civilizations like Egypt and Mesopotamia, farmers played a significant role in feeding the population.

They were responsible for cultivating crops like wheat, barley, and vegetables. Farmers also raised livestock like cows, sheep, and goats for milk, wool, and meat.


Artisans were skilled craftsmen who created objects of practical or decorative use with their hands. They used materials like clay, wood, stone, metal, and textiles to craft items like pottery, furniture, jewelry, and clothing.

Artisans were highly respected in societies because they produced things that were essential for daily life.


Merchants were traders who traveled long distances to sell goods like spices, silk, and precious metals. They played an important role in connecting different regions through trade networks.

Merchants were responsible for exchanging goods across borders as well as introducing new products to foreign markets.


Scribes were highly educated individuals who could read and write in ancient languages like hieroglyphics or cuneiform script. They worked as record keepers or document writers for kings or other important figures in society.

Scribes also wrote books that recorded religious texts or historical events.

Priests/ Priestesses

Priests/Priestesses held significant positions in ancient societies as religious leaders who performed rituals and ceremonies associated with worshipping gods/goddesses. They interpreted dreams or omens and provided guidance to their communities.

In ancient Egypt, priests were also involved in the embalming process of the deceased.


Warriors were soldiers who fought in battles or wars to defend their territories or conquer new ones. They were highly trained individuals who could use weapons like swords, spears, and bows and arrows.

Warriors also had a significant role in protecting their communities from invaders or threats.


In ancient times, people had to rely on their own skills and resources to survive. The jobs that existed back then were vastly different from what we have today.

Farmers, artisans, merchants, scribes, priests/priestesses, and warriors played essential roles in keeping society functioning smoothly.

Although these jobs may seem primitive by modern standards, they paved the way for our current professions and made significant contributions to human progress throughout history.