What Kind of Boats Were There in Ancient Times?

Boats have been a means of transportation for humans since ancient times. They were used for fishing, trade, and even for warfare.

Many civilizations developed their own types of boats based on their needs and available resources. Let’s take a look at some of the boats that were used in ancient times.

The Papyrus Boats of Egypt

The ancient Egyptians used boats made from papyrus reeds. These boats were lightweight and could navigate through the shallow waters of the Nile River.

The papyrus reeds were bundled together tightly to form the hull of the boat. The boat was then coated with resin or tar to make it waterproof.

The Viking Longships

The Vikings were known for their longships, which were used for raiding, trading, and exploration. These ships had a shallow draft that allowed them to sail in both deep water and shallow rivers. The longships had a unique design with a pointed bow and stern that allowed them to navigate rough waters.

The Greek Triremes

The Greeks developed triremes, which were large warships with three rows of oars on each side. These boats were built for speed and agility in battle. They had a sharp prow that could ram enemy ships and break them apart.

The Chinese Junks

The Chinese built junks, which were large sailing ships that could carry large amounts of cargo. These ships had multiple decks and could be up to 400 feet long. They were built with strong wooden frames and covered with bamboo planks.

The Roman Galleys

The Romans developed galleys, which were long and narrow warships propelled by oarsmen. These boats had a flat bottom that allowed them to sail in shallow waters close to shorelines during battles.

In Conclusion

Boats have played an important role in the history of human civilization. From the lightweight papyrus boats of ancient Egypt to the large junks of China, each civilization developed their own types of boats according to their needs and resources. The designs of these boats have influenced boatbuilding techniques throughout history and continue to do so even today.