What Kind of Homes Did People Live in Ancient Greece?

What Kind of Homes Did People Live in Ancient Greece?

The ancient Greeks had a variety of different homes depending on their social status and location. Let’s take a closer look at the types of homes that people lived in during ancient times.

Athenian Houses

In Athens, the most common type of house was known as an oikos. These houses were typically made of sun-dried mud bricks and had a rectangular shape. The walls were often painted with vibrant colors, and the roofs were made of tiles or thatch.

Atrium House:

One type of oikos was the atrium house, which had an open courtyard in the center. This courtyard provided light and ventilation to the surrounding rooms. The main entrance led to this open area, which served as a gathering space for family members.


In urban areas, townhouses were quite common. These multi-story buildings consisted of several small apartments stacked on top of each other.

Each apartment had its own entrance and housed a separate family. The ground floor often served as a shop or workspace.

Spartan Dwellings

In Sparta, houses were simpler compared to those in Athens. The Spartan dwellings, known as kleroi, were modest and built for practicality rather than luxury.


The majority of Spartans lived in small huts made from local materials such as mud bricks, reeds, or wood. These simple structures provided basic shelter but lacked the elaborate architecture seen in other parts of Greece.

Rural Farmhouses

In rural areas, the majority of Greeks lived in farmhouses. These homes were built using local materials and varied in size and design depending on the region.

Tholos Houses:

One type of farmhouse was the tholos house, which had a circular shape with a conical roof. These houses were usually made of stone and had a central hearth for cooking and heating.


In some regions, longhouses were prevalent. These elongated structures were made from wood or stone and had a thatched roof. A central hearth provided warmth and cooking facilities for multiple families who lived together under one roof.


Ancient Greek homes varied greatly depending on factors such as social status and location. From the grand atrium houses of Athens to the humble huts in Sparta, these homes reflect the diversity of ancient Greek society.

  • Athenian houses included atrium houses and townhouses
  • Spartan dwellings were simple huts known as kleroi
  • Rural farmhouses included tholos houses and longhouses

By understanding the different types of homes in ancient Greece, we can gain insights into the lifestyles and living conditions of this fascinating civilization.