What Kind of Leader Was Jesus to the Disciples?

As one of the most influential figures in history, Jesus Christ has been widely regarded as a leader whose teachings and actions have inspired millions of people around the world. But what kind of leader was he to his closest followers, the disciples?

Jesus’ Leadership Style

Jesus was known for his unique leadership style which set him apart from other leaders of his time. He didn’t lead through force or intimidation but rather through love and compassion. His teachings were centered on serving others and putting their needs before his own.


One of the most notable aspects of Jesus’ leadership was his humility. Despite being the son of God, he never sought to elevate himself above others or demand their respect. Instead, he humbled himself by washing the feet of his disciples, a task that was traditionally reserved for servants.

The Power of Example

Jesus didn’t just preach about love and service; he also demonstrated it through his actions. He showed his disciples how to live by example and encouraged them to follow in his footsteps. This approach had a powerful impact on his followers, who were inspired to emulate his behavior and teachings.

The Importance of Listening

Another key aspect of Jesus’ leadership was his willingness to listen to others. He took the time to hear out the concerns and ideas of those around him, even if they were different from his own. This helped him build strong relationships with his disciples, who felt heard and valued.

Empowerment Through Trust

Jesus also empowered his disciples by trusting them with important tasks and responsibilities. He gave them the authority to heal the sick, cast out demons, and spread his message throughout the world. This trust not only helped them grow as leaders but also strengthened their faith in him.

  • Leading with Love: Jesus’ leadership style was characterized by love and compassion.
  • Humble Service: He demonstrated his humility by washing the feet of his disciples.
  • The Power of Example: Jesus showed his followers how to live through his actions and teachings.
  • The Importance of Listening: He listened to the concerns and ideas of others, building strong relationships.
  • Empowerment Through Trust: Jesus trusted his disciples with important tasks and responsibilities, empowering them to grow as leaders.

In conclusion, Jesus was a leader like no other. His leadership style was characterized by love, humility, and trust.

He empowered his disciples to become leaders in their own right by showing them how to live and lead through his example. His teachings continue to inspire people around the world today, making him one of the most influential leaders in history.