What Kind of Shoes Did They Wear in Ancient Greece?

What Kind of Shoes Did They Wear in Ancient Greece?

The ancient Greeks had a unique sense of fashion, and this extended to their choice of footwear. The shoes they wore were not only practical but also made a fashion statement. Let’s explore the different types of shoes that were popular in ancient Greece:


Sandals were the most common type of footwear worn by both men and women in ancient Greece. These open-toed shoes were made from leather or fabric straps, which were often intricately woven to create beautiful designs. Sandals provided comfort and breathability in the warm Mediterranean climate.

Hermes Sandals

One famous type of sandal was the Hermes sandal, named after the Greek god Hermes, who was often depicted wearing them. These sandals had winged straps that wrapped around the foot and ankle, providing a secure fit while adding an element of elegance.


Kothorni were high-soled shoes worn by actors in Greek theater performances. These shoes elevated the actors’ height and added grandeur to their appearance. Kothorni were often decorated with bright colors and elaborate patterns to enhance the visual appeal of the costumes.


Boots were primarily worn by soldiers and hunters in ancient Greece. They provided protection for the feet during long marches or rigorous activities.


The krepis was a type of boot that reached up to mid-calf level and was made from sturdy leather. It had laces or straps that allowed for a secure fit. These boots offered excellent support and durability for soldiers on the battlefield.


Slippers were a popular choice for indoor wear and leisure activities. They were lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for relaxing at home or attending social gatherings.


Embades were soft slippers made from fabric, often adorned with decorative embroidery. They were typically worn by women during festive occasions or formal events.


Clogs were wooden shoes worn by both men and women in ancient Greece. These sturdy shoes had thick soles made from wood, which provided protection against rough terrain.


Paxoi were a type of clog specifically designed for women. They had a distinctive shape, with a curved front that resembled the beak of a bird. Paxoi clogs were often painted in vibrant colors and decorated with intricate carvings.

  • Sandals – perfect for warm weather
  • Boots – ideal for soldiers and hunters
  • Slippers – comfortable indoor wear
  • Clogs – sturdy shoes for rough terrain

Ancient Greek footwear showcased both style and functionality. Whether it was the intricate designs of sandals or the practicality of boots, the Greeks understood the importance of choosing the right shoes to complement their outfits while ensuring comfort and protection.


Ancient Greek footwear was diverse, ranging from elegant sandals to sturdy boots and clogs. The Greeks valued both fashion and practicality when it came to their choice of shoes.

This attention to detail is evident in the intricate designs, materials used, and styles created. These ancient shoe styles continue to inspire modern fashion today.