What Kind of Toys Did Kids in Ancient Greece Play With?

In ancient Greece, children had a variety of toys and games that provided entertainment and helped develop their physical and mental skills. Let’s take a closer look at the kind of toys that kids in ancient Greece played with.

Toys for Physical Activity

Ancient Greek children loved playing outdoors, engaging in physical activities that helped them stay fit and build strength. Some popular toys for physical activity included:

  • Kite: Children flew kites made of feathers or lightweight fabric, often shaped like birds or mythical creatures.
  • Hoop: Kids would roll wooden hoops with a stick or run alongside them to keep them spinning.
  • Ball Games: Ancient Greeks played various ball games, including throwing, bouncing, and kicking balls made from inflated animal bladders or leather.
  • Jacks: Children played a game called “knucklebones,” similar to modern-day jacks. They would toss small bones or stones and try to catch as many as possible on the back of their hand.

Imaginative Play

Ancient Greek children had vivid imaginations and enjoyed engaging in imaginative play. Some popular toys for imaginative play included:

  • Dolls: Children played with dolls made of clay, wood, or cloth. These dolls often represented gods, goddesses, heroes, or everyday people.
  • Puppets: Kids created puppet shows using puppets made from fabric or wood with movable limbs.

Puzzles and Board Games

Ancient Greek children also enjoyed playing puzzles and board games that challenged their minds and strategic thinking. Some popular puzzles and board games included:

  • Maze Games: Kids navigated through mazes, either drawn on the ground or carved into wooden boards.
  • Tessellation Puzzles: Children solved puzzles by fitting various geometric shapes together without any gaps.
  • Knucklebone Games: Similar to the game of jacks, children played strategic games using knucklebones or small stones.


Ancient Greek children had a wide range of toys and games that catered to their physical, imaginative, and intellectual development. From outdoor activities to imaginative play and mind-challenging games, these toys provided entertainment while nurturing important skills. Despite the differences in materials and designs, many of these ancient toys laid the foundation for the toys we have today.