What Lesson Do We Learn From Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet?

In the book of John, there is a story about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. This act of humility is often cited as an example of how we should serve others.

But what lesson can we learn from this story beyond just serving others? Let’s take a closer look.

The Setting

The story takes place during the Last Supper. Jesus and his disciples are gathered together for a meal when Jesus gets up from the table, takes off his outer robe, and ties a towel around his waist. He then pours water into a basin and begins to wash his disciples’ feet.

The Lesson

At first glance, it may seem like the lesson we learn from this story is simply that we should serve others. And while that is certainly true, there is another lesson to be learned here as well: pride can blind us to the needs of others.

Peter’s Response

When Jesus approaches Peter to wash his feet, Peter responds by saying, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?” Peter’s surprise at this gesture suggests that he did not feel worthy of having Jesus serve him in this way. But when Jesus tells him that if he doesn’t allow him to wash his feet, he has no part with him, Peter changes course and asks Jesus to not only wash his feet but also his hands and head.

Judas’ Betrayal

Judas’ response to Jesus washing the disciples’ feet is quite different from Peter’s. Judas does not express surprise or gratitude at this humble act; instead, he goes on to betray Jesus shortly after this event.

The Application

So what can we learn from all of this? We need to be careful not to let our own pride blind us to the needs of those around us.

We should be willing to serve others, even if it means doing something that may seem beneath us. And we should be aware that not everyone will respond to acts of service in the same way.

The Challenge

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be like him. This means being willing to serve others with humility and grace. So let’s take up this challenge and look for opportunities to serve those around us, even in small ways.

  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Offer to carry someone’s groceries
  • Take a meal to a neighbor who is sick or going through a difficult time
  • Listen attentively when someone needs to talk

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Jesus washing the feet of his disciples teaches us about the importance of humility and service. We need to be willing to put aside our own pride and serve others in whatever way we can. Let us strive to follow Jesus’ example and show love and grace to those around us.