What Other Civilization Inspired the Ancient Roman Fashion Trend?

The world of fashion has always been inspired by the past. From the Victorian era to the Roaring Twenties, every period has left its mark on modern fashion. One such era that has influenced fashion for centuries is Ancient Rome.

But did you know that Rome itself was also inspired by another civilization when it came to fashion? That civilization was none other than the Greeks.

The Ancient Greeks were known for their love of beauty and aesthetics. They believed that the human body was a work of art, and they draped it in clothing that accentuated its beauty. The Greeks were also known for their use of flowing fabrics like silk and linen, which gave their clothing a sense of fluidity and movement.

The Romans, who conquered Greece in 146 BC, were quick to adopt many aspects of Greek culture, including their fashion sense. The Romans took the Greek style and made it their own by adding their own touches to it.

One of the most notable Roman contributions to fashion was the toga. The toga was a long piece of cloth draped over one shoulder and wrapped around the body.

It was worn by Roman men as a symbol of citizenship and status. The toga was often made from wool or linen, but silk togas were reserved for special occasions.

Roman women wore a variety of garments, including tunics, stolas (long dresses), and palla (shawls). Like Greek clothing, Roman clothing was often made from lightweight fabrics like linen and silk.

Both Greek and Roman clothing featured intricate designs and patterns. These designs were often woven into the fabric itself or added using embroidery or applique techniques.

In addition to clothing, both civilizations also had distinctive hairstyles. Greek women often wore their hair in braids or curls, while men wore short haircuts. Romans also favored short haircuts for men but allowed women more freedom with their hairstyles.

Overall, it’s clear that Ancient Greece played a significant role in shaping Roman fashion. The Romans took the Greek style and made it their own, creating a unique fashion sense that continues to inspire designers today.


In conclusion, the Ancient Greeks had a profound influence on Roman fashion. The Romans borrowed many aspects of Greek clothing, including flowing fabrics, intricate designs, and distinctive hairstyles.

They then added their own touches to create a unique fashion sense that was both functional and beautiful. Today, the legacy of Ancient Rome lives on in modern fashion, proving that great style truly is timeless.