What Pets Did They Have in Ancient Greece?

Pets have been a part of human civilization for thousands of years, and ancient Greece was no exception. The Greeks, who were known for their love of animals, had a wide range of pets that they kept in their homes. In this article, we will explore the various pets that the ancient Greeks had and what role they played in Greek society.

Dogs: Dogs were one of the most popular pets in ancient Greece. They were used for hunting, guarding homes, and as companions.

Greek literature is filled with references to dogs, and they are often depicted in art as well. Some of the most famous breeds in ancient Greece included Molossus, Laconian, and Cretan hounds.

Cats: Cats were not as popular in ancient Greece as they are today. However, they were still kept as pets by some people. They were primarily used to catch rodents and other pests around the home.

Birds: Birds were also kept as pets in ancient Greece. The Greeks enjoyed listening to their songs and watching them fly around their homes. Some of the most popular birds kept as pets included canaries, parrots, and doves.

Fish: Fish were not kept as traditional pets in ancient Greece but rather for decorative purposes. Fish tanks filled with exotic fish became a popular trend among wealthy Greeks during this time.

Pigs: Pigs were not typically kept as home pets but rather raised on farms for consumption purposes. However, it is said that some wealthy Greeks may have kept miniature pigs as pets due to their cute appearance.

In conclusion, while dogs remained the most popular pet among ancient Greeks due to their versatility and practicality – other animals like cats, birds or even fish did find a place within certain households too!