What Qualities Do You Think the First Followers of Jesus Needed to Be His Disciples?

When it comes to being a disciple of Jesus, there are certain qualities that are necessary to possess. As the first followers of Jesus, his disciples had to embody these qualities in order to learn from and follow him effectively. Here are some of the most important qualities that the first followers of Jesus needed to be his disciples:

Faith: The first and most important quality that a disciple of Jesus needs is faith. Faith in God, faith in Jesus as the Son of God, and faith in the teachings of Jesus. This is evident in the very act of becoming a disciple – it requires belief and trust in Jesus as a teacher and leader.

Humility: In order to learn from Jesus and become his disciple, one must possess humility. This means being willing to put aside one’s own ego, position, or status in order to learn from someone else. The first disciples were humble fishermen who left their livelihoods behind to follow Jesus.

Open-mindedness: Being open-minded is an important quality for any disciple but especially for those who followed Jesus during his time on earth. His teachings were often radical and went against the status quo of their society. It required an open mind and heart to understand and accept his message.

Courage: Following Jesus was not always easy or safe. The first disciples faced persecution, rejection, and even death for their beliefs. It took courage for them to stand up for what they believed in despite the consequences.

Commitment: Being a disciple is not a part-time job – it requires full commitment. The first followers of Jesus had to be willing to leave behind their old lives completely and devote themselves entirely to following him.

Servanthood: In following Jesus’ example, disciples must also have a heart for serving others. This means putting others before oneself and using one’s gifts and talents to benefit others.

Love: Love is at the heart of Jesus’ teachings and it is also a crucial quality for his disciples. This means loving God with all one’s heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

In conclusion, the first followers of Jesus needed to possess qualities such as faith, humility, open-mindedness, courage, commitment, servanthood, and love in order to effectively learn from and follow him. These qualities are still important for anyone who desires to be a disciple of Jesus today.