What Started the American History?

American history is a fascinating subject that has been studied and debated by scholars for centuries. To fully understand how America came to be, it’s essential to explore the events that led up to its formation. In this article, we’ll dive into the early roots of American history and examine what started it all.

The Native Americans

Before European settlers arrived in America, the land was already inhabited by various Native American tribes. These tribes had their unique cultures, traditions, and ways of life. As these tribes interacted with each other, they developed trade networks and alliances that would shape their futures.

The Arrival of Europeans

In 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived in America, marking the beginning of European involvement in the New World. Over time, more European explorers arrived on American shores, including Spanish conquistadors and English settlers.

The Thirteen Colonies

By the early 1700s, there were thirteen British colonies established along the eastern coast of North America. Each colony had its unique culture and economy but shared a common allegiance to Britain’s monarchy.

The French and Indian War

In 1754, tensions between Britain and France led to a conflict known as the French and Indian War. The war was fought over control of North America’s lucrative fur trade industry and ended with Britain emerging as the dominant power in North America.

Taxation Without Representation

Following the French and Indian War, Britain began imposing taxes on its American colonies without their consent or representation in British Parliament. This caused growing resentment among colonists towards British rule.

The Boston Tea Party

In 1773, colonists in Boston staged a protest against British tea taxes by dumping tea into Boston Harbor in an event known as the Boston Tea Party.

The American Revolution

Tensions between Britain and its American colonies reached a boiling point, leading to the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1775. The war lasted for several years, with American forces led by George Washington ultimately defeating the British in 1783.

The Birth of America

With the British defeated, the United States of America was born. On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed, officially separating America from British rule.


Understanding the events that led up to the formation of America is essential for comprehending our nation’s history and identity. From Native American tribes to European settlers to revolutionaries fighting for independence, these events have shaped America’s past and continue to shape its future.