What Tools Did Ancient Greece Use?

Ancient Greece is considered to be one of the most influential civilizations in the world. This ancient civilization has contributed significantly to the fields of philosophy, art, science, and politics.

But what about their tools? What did they use in their day-to-day lives for various purposes? Let’s take a closer look at the tools used by ancient Greeks.

Tools for Agriculture

Farming was the primary occupation of ancient Greeks. They used various tools for agriculture, including plows, hoes, sickles, and shovels. These tools were made of bronze or iron and were used to prepare the soil for planting crops.


The plow was one of the most important agricultural tools used by ancient Greeks. It was made of wood and had a metal blade attached to it. The plow was pulled by oxen or horses and used to turn over the soil in preparation for planting.


Hoes were also commonly used by ancient Greeks in agriculture. They were made of wood or iron and were used to remove weeds from around plants.


Sickles were small curved knives that were used to cut crops like wheat or barley during harvest time.

Tools for Construction

The ancient Greeks built impressive structures like temples, fortresses, and theaters using simple but effective tools. Some of these tools included hammers, chisels, saws, and levels.


Hammers were used to drive nails into wood or stone during construction work. They were made of bronze or iron and had a flat head on one end and a pointed end on the other.


Chisels were used by Greek artisans to carve intricate designs into stone or wood. They had sharp edges and were made of bronze or iron.


Saws were used to cut wooden beams or planks during construction work. They were made of bronze or iron and had jagged teeth that helped cut through the wood.


Levels were used to ensure that structures were built straight and level. They consisted of a long wooden board with a bubble in the middle that would indicate if the board was level or not.

Tools for Warfare

Ancient Greeks were known for their advanced military tactics and weaponry. Some of the tools they used in warfare included swords, spears, shields, and helmets.


Swords were the primary weapon used by ancient Greek soldiers. They were made of bronze or iron and had sharp, pointed blades that could inflict serious damage on enemies.


Spears were another common weapon used by ancient Greeks in warfare. They were long, pointed weapons made of wood with a metal tip on one end.


Shields were used to protect soldiers from enemy attacks. They were made of wood or metal and could be decorated with intricate designs.


Helmets were worn by soldiers to protect their heads from injury during battle. They were made of bronze or iron and could be decorated with feathers or other adornments.

  • In conclusion,
  • Ancient Greeks developed a wide range of tools that helped them in agriculture, construction, and warfare. These tools may seem simple compared to modern-day technology but they allowed ancient Greeks to create impressive structures, grow crops, and defend themselves during battles.
  • It is fascinating to see how these tools have evolved over time, but it is important to recognize the ingenuity of our ancestors who created them in the first place.