What Tools Did They Use in Ancient Greece?

Have you ever wondered what tools the ancient Greeks used in their daily lives? From farming to warfare, the ancient Greeks had a variety of tools at their disposal. Let’s take a closer look at some of these tools and their uses.

Agricultural Tools

Farming was an essential part of ancient Greek life, and farmers needed specific tools to work the land effectively. Here are some of the most important agricultural tools used in ancient Greece:

  • Plow: The plow was a vital tool for farmers in ancient Greece. It was used to turn over the soil and create furrows for planting crops.
  • Sickle: The sickle was used to harvest crops such as wheat and barley. Farmers would use the sickle to cut the stalks close to the ground.
  • Hoe: The hoe was used for weeding and breaking up soil clumps between rows of crops.

Tools Used in Construction

The ancient Greeks were master builders, and they needed specific tools to construct their impressive structures. Here are some of the most important construction tools used in ancient Greece:

  • Chisel: The chisel was used to carve stone blocks into specific shapes for building walls, columns, and other structures.
  • Saw: The saw was used to cut wood into various sizes for building roofs, floors, and other wooden structures.
  • Mallet: The mallet was used with a chisel to make precise cuts on stone blocks.

Weapons and Armor

Warfare played a significant role in ancient Greek society, so soldiers needed specific weapons and armor to protect themselves and defeat their enemies. Here are some of the most important weapons and armor used in ancient Greece:

  • Spear: The spear was the primary weapon used by ancient Greek soldiers. It was a long, pointed weapon that could be thrown or used in close combat.
  • Sword: The sword was a secondary weapon that was used in close combat when the spear was no longer useful.
  • Helmet: The helmet was essential for protecting a soldier’s head from injury during battle.


The ancient Greeks had a variety of tools at their disposal for farming, construction, and warfare. These tools were essential for their daily lives and helped them build impressive structures, grow crops, and defend themselves against their enemies. While these tools may seem primitive compared to modern tools, they were innovative for their time and played a significant role in shaping ancient Greek society as we know it today.