What Toys Did Ancient Greece Have?

Toys have always been an integral part of childhood, and the ancient Greeks were no exception when it came to indulging in playtime. Although their toys were quite different from what we have today, they still managed to keep the young ones entertained.

Ancient Greek Toys

The ancient Greeks had a range of toys that varied from simple playthings made of natural materials to more intricate toys that required skill and craftsmanship. Here are some of the most popular toys that were enjoyed by children in ancient Greece:


Dolls were one of the most popular toys among ancient Greek girls. These dolls were made of clay, wood, or ivory, and they often had movable limbs. Some dolls even had hair made of real human hair, while others had painted-on hair.


Yo-yos have been around for centuries and were also popular among the ancient Greeks. These yo-yos were made of wood or terra cotta and were quite simple in design compared to modern yo-yos. The child would loop a string around the yo-yo’s axle and toss it up and down.


Balls have been a favorite toy for children throughout history, and the ancient Greeks were no exception. These balls were often made from animal bladders stuffed with hay or feathers and covered with leather or cloth. Children played games like catch or bounced them off walls.

Hobby Horses

Hobby horses were another popular toy during this era. These toys consisted of a wooden horse head attached to a stick for the child to hold onto as they pretended to ride it.

Dice Games

Dice games were also enjoyed by children in ancient Greece. These games involved rolling dice with different numbers on them to determine who would win.

Board Games

Board games were also popular among ancient Greek children. These games were often made of marble or stone and had intricate designs. The most popular board game was called “petteia,” which was similar to modern-day chess.


In conclusion, the ancient Greeks had a variety of toys that kept their children entertained. From dolls and yo-yos to balls and board games, these toys were simple yet effective in providing hours of playtime. Even though they may seem basic compared to the toys we have today, they still managed to capture the imagination of children and bring joy to their lives.