What Traits of Ancient Rome Qualified as a Civilization?

The ancient civilization of Rome is one of the most influential and well-known civilizations in history. It is known for its vast empire, advanced technology, and impressive infrastructure.

But what exactly qualified Rome as a civilization? In this article, we will explore the traits that made ancient Rome a civilization.

Political System

One of the defining characteristics of a civilization is its political system. The Roman government was a complex system that evolved over time.

At first, Rome was ruled by kings, but later became a republic with elected officials. This system allowed for representation and participation from citizens, making it an early example of democracy.

Social Structure

Another trait that defines a civilization is its social structure. The Roman society was divided into several classes, with patricians at the top and plebeians at the bottom. Despite this division, there was social mobility within the classes, allowing individuals to move up or down based on their wealth and achievements.


Religion played an important role in Roman society. The Romans were polytheistic, meaning they worshipped multiple gods and goddesses. Religion provided a sense of community and shared values among citizens.

Art and Architecture

The art and architecture of ancient Rome are some of its most enduring legacies. Roman art was heavily influenced by Greek art but developed its own unique style over time. Roman architecture is known for its use of arches, vaults, and concrete construction techniques.


Latin was the official language of ancient Rome and played an important role in spreading Roman culture throughout Europe and beyond. Latin was used in literature, law, religion, and everyday communication.


Trade played an important role in the Roman economy. The Romans built an extensive network of roads to facilitate trade throughout their empire. They also developed advanced agricultural techniques that allowed them to produce enough food to support their growing population.


In conclusion, the traits that qualified ancient Rome as a civilization were its political system, social structure, religion, art and architecture, language, and economy. These elements worked together to create a complex and sophisticated society that had a lasting impact on the world.