What Was Cicero’s Occupation During the Ancient Roman Times?

If you’re interested in Ancient Roman history, you may have heard of Cicero – one of the most famous and influential figures in ancient Rome. But what was Cicero’s occupation during that time? Let’s take a closer look.

Who was Cicero?

Before we dive into his occupation, let’s first understand who Cicero was. Cicero, born Marcus Tullius Cicero in 106 BCE, was a Roman statesman, philosopher, and lawyer who lived during the late Roman Republic era. He was known for his incredible oratory skills and his ability to write persuasive speeches and letters.

Cicero’s Political Career

Cicero started his political career as a lawyer, defending clients in various court cases. However, he soon entered politics and became a member of the Roman Senate. He served as quaestor (a financial officer) in western Sicily in 75 BCE and later served as consul (the highest elected office) in 63 BCE.

During his time as consul, Cicero uncovered a plot to overthrow the government known as the Cataline Conspiracy. His successful handling of this situation earned him widespread praise and made him even more popular among the people.


However, Cicero’s political success did not last forever. In 58 BCE, he fell out of favor with Julius Caesar and was exiled from Rome for over a year. During this time, he continued to write letters and speeches criticizing Caesar’s rule.

After Caesar’s assassination in 44 BCE, Cicero returned to Rome but found himself caught up in political turmoil once again. He supported the senatorial party against Mark Antony but ultimately lost out when Antony emerged victorious.

Cicero’s Writings

While Cicero is known for his political career, he is perhaps best remembered for his writings. He wrote extensively on a variety of topics, including philosophy, ethics, and rhetoric. Some of his most famous works include “On the Republic,” “On the Laws,” and “On Duties.”


Cicero’s influence on Western thought cannot be overstated. His writings were studied by scholars throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and he is still considered one of the greatest orators in history.

In conclusion, Cicero’s occupation during Ancient Roman times was that of a lawyer and statesman. However, he is best remembered for his incredible oratory skills and his influential writing.