What Was Czechoslovakia in Ancient Times?

Czechoslovakia, a country located in Central Europe, has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Let’s take a closer look at what this region was like in the past.

Early Settlements

The first known inhabitants of the Czech lands were Celtic tribes who arrived in the area around 400 BC. They were later conquered by Germanic tribes and then by Slavic tribes in the 6th century AD. The Slavs settled in the area and formed their own tribal societies.

The Great Moravian Empire

In the 9th century AD, the Great Moravian Empire emerged as a powerful state that encompassed much of modern-day Czech Republic and Slovakia. This empire was ruled by the Moymir dynasty and was an important center of culture and education.

The Arrival of Christianity

Christianity arrived in the region during the reign of Prince Rastislav, who invited missionaries from Constantinople to convert his people to Christianity. In 863 AD, two Byzantine brothers named Cyril and Methodius arrived in Great Moravia and created an alphabet for the Slavic language known as Cyrillic. They also translated religious texts into Slavic.

The Kingdom of Bohemia

In 1198, Bohemia became an independent kingdom under King Premysl Ottokar I. The kingdom flourished under his rule, with Prague becoming one of Europe’s largest cities during this time.

Hussite Wars

The Hussite Wars occurred during the early 15th century when Jan Hus, a religious reformer from Prague, was burned at the stake for heresy. His followers rebelled against Catholic rule, leading to a series of wars that lasted for over two decades.

The Habsburg Era

In 1526, Bohemia came under Habsburg rule, which lasted for over three centuries. During this time, the region experienced a period of cultural and economic growth.

Czech National Revival

In the 19th century, a movement known as the Czech National Revival emerged, seeking to restore Czech language and culture. This movement played a significant role in the eventual creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918.


Czechoslovakia has a long and fascinating history that is deeply intertwined with the histories of its neighboring countries. From the early settlements of Celtic and Slavic tribes to the emergence of powerful empires and kingdoms, this region has played a significant role in shaping European history. Today, Czech Republic and Slovakia are two independent nations with their own unique cultures and traditions, but their shared history continues to bind them together.