What Was Egypt Called in Ancient Times?

Egypt is a country in northeastern Africa with a rich history and culture that dates back thousands of years. In ancient times, Egypt was known by different names depending on the period and the language spoken at the time. Let’s take a closer look at what Egypt was called in ancient times.

Ancient Egyptian Names

The ancient Egyptians referred to their land as “Kemet,” which means “black land” in reference to the fertile black soil along the Nile River. Another name used by ancient Egyptians for their country was “Ta-Meri,” which means “beloved land” or “land of love.”

Greek and Roman Names

After Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 332 BCE, the country came under Greek influence and was referred to as “Aegyptos” by the Greeks. This name is thought to have originated from an ancient Egyptian phrase meaning “temple of the soul of Ptah.” The Romans later adopted this name and used it throughout their rule of Egypt.

Arabic Name

When Arab Muslims conquered Egypt in 641 CE, they referred to it as “Mişr,” which means “country” or “land.” This name is still used today in modern Arabic.

Coptic Name

The Coptic language is an ancient Egyptian language that survived until the Arab conquest. Copts referred to their country as “Kīmi,” which is similar to Kemet.


In conclusion, Egypt has had many names throughout its long history, each reflecting different cultural influences and linguistic traditions. From Kemet and Ta-Meri to Aegyptos and Mişr, each name tells a unique story about this fascinating country. Regardless of what it’s been called over time, one thing remains constant: Egypt continues to captivate people around the world with its rich history, breathtaking art and architecture, and enduring legacy.