What Was Egypt Referred to as in the Ancient Times?

Egypt is a country rich in history that has been a source of fascination for people around the world. The name “Egypt” is derived from the Greek word Aigyptos, which was the name given to the land by the ancient Greeks.

However, what was Egypt referred to as in ancient times? Let’s explore this question further.

Ancient Names of Egypt

In ancient times, Egypt was known by several different names. The most common name for the land was Kemet, which means “black land.”

This name referred to the fertile black soil that was left behind after the Nile River flooded each year, providing nourishment for crops. The Egyptians also referred to their country as Ta-Meri or Ta-Mery, which means “beloved land” or “land of love.”

The Land of Pharaohs

Another name for Egypt that is often used in popular culture is “the land of pharaohs.” This term refers to the rulers of ancient Egypt who were considered divine beings and were believed to be responsible for maintaining Ma’at, or cosmic balance and harmony.

The Gift of Nile

The Nile River played a significant role in Egyptian life and was often referred to as Hapi or Iteru, both names meaning “the great river.” Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of Egypt’s ancient names was simply “the gift of the Nile.” This name recognizes how important the river was to Egyptian civilization and how it allowed them to thrive in an otherwise arid environment.


In conclusion, while we commonly refer to Egypt by its modern-day name, Kemet (or Ta-Meri) and “the gift of Nile” were some of its most common names during ancient times. Each name reflects an aspect of Egyptian culture or geography that has made it a fascinating subject for historians and tourists alike. Knowing these names and their meanings can help us better understand the history and significance of this ancient civilization.