What Was Greece Called in Ancient Times?

Have you ever wondered what Greece was called in ancient times? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we will explore the various names that Greece has been known by throughout history.

Ancient Greek Names

In ancient times, Greece was known as “Hellas” or “Ellada” in the Greek language. These names were derived from the name of a mythological Greek hero named Hellen. The term “Hellenic” was also used to describe the culture and language of ancient Greece.

The Roman Era

During the Roman era, Greece was referred to as “Graecia” or “Grecia”. This name is thought to have originated from the Latin word “Graecus”, which means Greek.

The Byzantine Empire

In the Byzantine Empire, which emerged after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Greece was referred to as “Romans”. This was because the Byzantines considered themselves to be the true heirs of Rome and saw themselves as Romans rather than Greeks.

Modern Names

Today, Greece is officially known as the “Hellenic Republic”. The name comes from the ancient Greek term “Hellene”, which means Greek. The term “Hellenic” is still used today to describe things that are related to Greek culture or language.


In conclusion, Greece has been known by many different names throughout history. From its ancient Greek names of Hellas and Ellada to its modern name of Hellenic Republic, each name reflects a unique aspect of this fascinating country’s rich history and culture.