What Was Music Called in Ancient Times?

Music has been an integral part of human life since ancient times. It has been used for various purposes like entertainment, religious ceremonies, and even as a mode of communication.

But what was music called in ancient times? Let’s explore!

The Beginnings of Music

Music has its roots in prehistoric times when humans started using their voices to produce sounds. These sounds eventually evolved into musical notes, which were used to create melodies and rhythms. In ancient times, music was not considered a separate art form but was an essential part of other art forms like poetry and drama.

Music in Ancient Civilizations

Various ancient civilizations had their own unique forms of music. In Egypt, music was an essential part of religious ceremonies and was played using instruments like the harp and flute. Similarly, in Greece, music was an integral part of dramas and plays, and it was played using instruments like the lyre and kithara.

The Role of Music in Ancient India

In ancient India, music played a significant role in religious rituals and ceremonies. It was believed that the sound produced by musical instruments could create a divine atmosphere that could help people connect with the gods. Indian classical music is one of the oldest surviving forms of music in the world.

Ancient Chinese Music

In China, music was considered a way to balance the natural forces present in the universe. It was believed that playing certain types of music could bring harmony to society and nature. The Chinese also developed various musical instruments like the guqin, pipa, and erhu.

The Evolution of Music

Over time, as societies evolved, so did their forms of music. New instruments were created, new genres were explored, and new techniques were developed. Today we have various forms of music that have evolved from these early beginnings.

The Importance of Music Today

Music continues to be an essential part of human life today. It is used for entertainment, relaxation, and even as a form of therapy. Various genres like pop, rock, jazz, and classical continue to evolve and find new audiences.


Music has come a long way since its beginnings in prehistoric times. From being an essential part of religious ceremonies to becoming a global phenomenon, music has evolved and grown with humanity. So next time you listen to your favorite song, remember that you are connected to a tradition that dates back thousands of years!