What Was Romania in Ancient Times?

Romania, an Eastern European country, has a rich history dating back to ancient times. In this article, we will explore the country’s early beginnings and the civilizations that once inhabited its lands.

The Dacians

The earliest known civilization in Romania was the Dacians, who lived in the region from around 2000 BC. They were a Thracian tribe that settled in what is now modern-day Romania. The Dacians were known for their skilled metalworking and their fierce resistance to Roman invasion.

The Roman Conquest

In 106 AD, the Roman Empire conquered Dacia and incorporated it into its vast empire. The Romans brought with them their culture, language, and architecture. Many of Romania’s cities today still have remnants of Roman structures such as roads, aqueducts and fortresses.

The Middle Ages

After the fall of the Roman Empire, various tribes such as Goths, Huns and Avars ruled over Romania until around the 9th century when it was invaded by Magyars (Hungarians). The Romanian people fought off foreign invaders for centuries until finally declaring independence in 1877.

Moldavia and Wallachia

During the Middle Ages, two principalities emerged in Romania: Moldavia and Wallachia. These two regions were ruled by local princes who defended their people against Ottoman invasions. These princes are still celebrated today as national heroes.

The Ottoman Empire

For several centuries during the Middle Ages, Romania was under Ottoman rule. Despite this period being marked by oppression and hardship for Romanians, it also saw cultural exchanges between Turkey and Romania which left a lasting impact on Romanian cuisine.

Romanian Independence

In 1877 Romania declared independence from Ottoman rule with support from Russia. This marked a new era of development in the country as it went through a period of modernization and industrialization.


Romania’s history is a complex tapestry of different civilizations, cultures, and rulers. From the Dacians to the Romans, from the Middle Ages to the Ottoman Empire, Romanian history is rich and diverse. Today, Romania is a modern country with a thriving economy and a unique cultural heritage that is celebrated around the world.