What Was Silver Used for in Ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, silver was highly valued for its unique properties. It was used for a variety of purposes and held an important place in Greek society. Let’s take a closer look at what silver was used for in ancient Greece.

The Value of Silver in Ancient Greece

Silver was considered a precious metal and was highly valued in ancient Greece. It was frequently used to make coins, jewelry, and other decorative objects. The Greeks believed that silver had mystical properties and that it could ward off evil spirits.

Silver Coins

One of the most common uses of silver in ancient Greece was for making coins. Silver coins were used as currency and were an important part of the economy. They were produced by various city-states throughout Greece, each with their own unique design.

Athens Owl Coin

One famous example is the Athens owl coin, which featured an image of an owl on one side and the goddess Athena on the other. This coin was widely circulated throughout the Mediterranean world and became one of the most recognizable symbols of ancient Greek culture.


Another popular use for silver in ancient Greece was for making jewelry. Silver jewelry was often adorned with precious stones and intricate designs. It was worn by both men and women as a symbol of wealth and status.


Silver brooches were popular among Greek women, who would wear them to fasten their clothing or to adorn their hair. These brooches often featured images from Greek mythology or intricate geometric patterns.


Silver rings were also popular among both men and women. They were often engraved with images or inscriptions that held personal significance.

Ceremonial Objects

Silver was also used for making ceremonial objects in ancient Greece. These objects were often used in religious ceremonies or as offerings to the gods. They were typically highly ornate and decorated with intricate designs.


One example of a silver ceremonial object is the kylix, a type of drinking cup used in ancient Greece. Kylixes were often decorated with scenes from Greek mythology and were used in religious ceremonies as well as for everyday drinking.


Silver statues were also common in ancient Greece. These statues were typically crafted by skilled artisans and depicted gods, goddesses, or other mythological figures.

In Conclusion

Silver played an important role in ancient Greek society. It was valued for its unique properties and was used for a variety of purposes, including currency, jewelry, and ceremonial objects. Today, silver continues to be highly valued for its beauty and durability, and it remains an important material in many different industries.