What Was the Greatest Heist in American History?

The history of heists in America is filled with thrilling stories of cunning and daring robberies. The sheer audacity of some of these heists has made them legendary in the annals of crime.

But which one was the greatest heist in American history? Let’s take a look at some of the most notorious heists that shook America to its core.

The Great Brink’s Robbery

One of the most daring heists in American history took place in 1950 when a group of 11 men stole $2.7 million from Brink’s armored car depot in Boston. The robbers, who were all former military men, had meticulously planned the heist over several months. They managed to disarm the guards and get away with the loot without firing a single shot.

The Lufthansa Heist

The Lufthansa Heist is perhaps the most famous heist in American history, thanks to its portrayal in Martin Scorsese’s movie “Goodfellas.” In 1978, a group of mobsters stole $5 million in cash and $875,000 worth of jewelry from Lufthansa’s cargo terminal at JFK airport in New York City. The robbers were never caught, and the crime remains unsolved to this day.

The Dunbar Armored Robbery

In 1997, six men pulled off one of the largest cash robberies in American history when they stole $18.9 million from Dunbar Armored Inc. in Los Angeles. The robbers had inside help from an employee who disabled the alarms and cameras before letting them into the vault.

The Gardner Museum Heist

In 1990, two thieves disguised as police officers stole 13 priceless works of art worth over $500 million from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Despite an extensive investigation, the paintings have never been recovered, and the crime remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the art world.

The Winner

Out of all these heists, which one can be considered the greatest? It’s a tough call, but we have to give it to the Brink’s Robbery.

The sheer amount of money stolen and the level of planning and execution make it a true masterpiece of criminal activity. Plus, all 11 robbers were eventually caught and brought to justice.

In conclusion, America has seen some truly remarkable heists over the years. While they may have been glamorous and thrilling in movies or pop culture, they were ultimately crimes that caused real harm to innocent people. Let’s hope that law enforcement continues to work tirelessly to prevent such crimes from happening again.