What Was the Land of the Israelites Called in Ancient Times?

The land of the Israelites, in ancient times, had many names depending on the period and the ruling empires. However, the most common name for this land was Canaan.

The Name “Canaan”

The name Canaan refers to a geographic region that roughly corresponds to present-day Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon. The term Canaan appears in various ancient texts from Egypt and Mesopotamia dating back to the 15th century BCE. It is believed that the term Canaan derived from an ancient Semitic language meaning “land of purple.”

The Promised Land

In biblical literature, this region was often referred to as “the promised land.” This term comes from the Hebrew Bible, which describes God promising Abraham and his descendants this land as their inheritance. The Israelites believed that God had promised them this land because it was where their ancestor Abraham had lived.

Other Names

Apart from Canaan and the Promised Land, this region was called by various other names throughout history. During the Roman period (63 BCE – 330 CE), it was referred to as Judea. The Romans named it after one of its provinces called Judea or Judaea.

During the Byzantine era (330 CE – 638 CE), it was called Palestine after Philistines who were an ancient enemy of Israelites. In fact, Philistines were not even indigenous to Palestine but migrated there from Crete or Cyprus around 12th century BCE.

The Modern State of Israel

After centuries of foreign rule, Jews successfully established an independent state in this region in 1948 following a United Nations resolution partitioning British-ruled Palestine into two separate states – one for Jews and another for Arabs.

Today, this region is known as Israel after the Jewish people who have lived there for thousands of years. The term Israel was also used in the Bible, referring to the ancestor Jacob, who was renamed Israel after wrestling with an angel.


The land of the Israelites has had many names throughout history. The most common name was Canaan, while biblical literature referred to it as the Promised Land.

During the Roman era, it was called Judea, and during the Byzantine era, it was called Palestine. Today this region is known as Israel after the Jewish people who have established an independent state there.