What Was the Largest Amphitheater in Ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, amphitheaters were an important part of the cultural and social life. These structures were used for various events, including plays, musical performances, and gladiatorial contests. While there were many amphitheaters in ancient Greece, the largest one was the Theater of Epidaurus.

Theater of Epidaurus: The Largest Amphitheater in Ancient Greece

The Theater of Epidaurus is located in the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece. The structure was built in the 4th century BCE and has a seating capacity of around 14,000 people. It was designed by Polykleitos the Younger and has been praised for its perfect acoustics.

The Design of the Theater

The Theater of Epidaurus is a masterpiece of ancient Greek architecture. It is built into a hillside and has a circular orchestra at its center, which was used for musical performances. The seating area is divided into two levels: the lower level is made up of 34 rows of seats while the upper level has 21 rows.

Perfect Acoustics

One of the most remarkable features of this theater is its amazing acoustics. Even if you sit at the highest row, you can still hear every sound clearly from the orchestra below. This is due to a combination of factors such as its design and location.

Events Held at the Theater

The Theater of Epidaurus hosted several events throughout history. In ancient times, it was primarily used for religious ceremonies and theatrical performances. However, during Roman times, it became a venue for gladiatorial contests.

  • Plays: Some famous plays that were performed at this theater include “Electra,” “Oedipus Rex,” “Medea,” and “The Trojan Women.”
  • Musical Performances: The theater was also used for musical performances, especially during the Hellenistic period.
  • Gladiatorial Contests: During Roman times, gladiatorial contests were held at the theater. However, this practice was banned later on due to its violent nature.


The Theater of Epidaurus remains one of the most remarkable structures of ancient Greece. Its design and acoustics are still a marvel to modern architects and have inspired many other theaters around the world. Today, the theater is a popular tourist attraction and still hosts performances during the summer months.


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