What Was the Largest Bird in the Ancient Times?

The world of ancient birds is full of fascinating creatures, many of which are now extinct. One of the most intriguing questions when it comes to these creatures is, what was the largest bird in ancient times?

After extensive research, it has been determined that the largest bird ever to exist was the Pelagornis sandersi. This massive bird lived around 25 million years ago and had a wingspan of up to 24 feet. To put that into perspective, the wingspan of a Boeing 737 is only around 112 feet.

Pelagornis sandersi was a member of an extinct group of birds known as pelagornithids or “bony-toothed” birds. They got their name from their sharp teeth-like projections along their beaks which they used to catch fish and squid.

Although Pelagornis sandersi was not technically a dinosaur, it’s still mind-blowing to imagine such a huge creature taking flight. To give you an idea of how big this bird was, its skull alone measured almost six feet long!

Scientists believe that Pelagornis sandersi’s massive wingspan allowed it to travel great distances without expending too much energy. This is because larger wings create more lift and require less flapping than smaller wings.

It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like to witness one of these giant birds in flight. Unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure as these creatures went extinct millions of years ago.

In conclusion, the largest bird in ancient times was the Pelagornis sandersi with a massive wingspan of up to 24 feet. Its sharp teeth-like projections along its beak made it adept at catching fish and squid, and its large wingspan allowed it to travel long distances with ease. While we may never get to see one in person, learning about these incredible creatures helps us appreciate just how diverse and awe-inspiring the natural world truly is.