What Was the Main Meal of the Day in Ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, food was an important part of daily life. The Greeks were known for their love of good food and the way they celebrated it. They had a variety of meals throughout the day, but what was the main meal of the day in ancient Greece?

What was the ‘Main Meal’?

The main meal in ancient Greece was called ‘deipnon’. It was usually eaten at night, after sunset. The deipnon was considered to be the most important meal of the day and it consisted of various dishes that were served one after another.

The Food

The Greeks loved their food and they had a diverse range of dishes that were served during the deipnon. Some common dishes included:

  • Fish: The Greeks were surrounded by sea and this meant that fish was a staple in their diet. They ate a variety of fish, including sardines, mackerel, and tuna.
  • Meat: Meat was also consumed during the deipnon.

    It could be lamb, beef or pork.

  • Bread: Bread was a staple in Greek cuisine and it was always present during mealtimes.
  • Cheese: Cheese was also an important part of Greek cuisine. Feta cheese is one type that is still popular today.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: The Greeks loved their fruits and vegetables too – figs, grapes, olives, lettuce, cabbage were some common items on their menu.

The Drink

Wine was an essential part of Greek culture and it accompanied almost every meal. Wine was made from grapes grown all over Greece.

The Importance of the Deipnon

The deipnon was not just about eating good food. It was also a time for socializing and bonding with family and friends. This meal was often enjoyed in the company of loved ones, where conversations flowed freely and people shared stories.


In conclusion, the main meal of the day in ancient Greece was called ‘deipnon’. It consisted of a variety of dishes including fish, meat, bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Wine was also an essential part of this meal. The deipnon wasn’t just about eating good food but also about spending time with loved ones and bonding over conversations.