What Was the Mediterranean Called in Ancient Times?

The Mediterranean is a vast sea that has played a significant role in the history of civilization. It has been a hub of trade, culture, and warfare for centuries. But what was the Mediterranean called in ancient times?

In ancient times, the Mediterranean was known by several names, depending on the civilization that inhabited its shores. The ancient Egyptians called it “The Great Green” or “The Great Sea,” while the Greeks referred to it as “The Inland Sea” or “The Middle Sea.” The Romans called it “Mare Nostrum,” which means “Our Sea.”

The name “Mediterranean” itself comes from the Latin word mediterraneus, which means “inland” or “in the middle of land.” This name was given to the sea because it is surrounded by land on all sides and is situated in the middle of three continents – Europe, Asia, and Africa.

During ancient times, the Mediterranean played a crucial role in trade and commerce. The Phoenicians were one of the most significant maritime trading powers during this time period. They established colonies along the Mediterranean coastlines and traded with various civilizations that bordered its shores.

In addition to being a hub of trade, the Mediterranean was also an essential cultural center. The Greeks established many colonies throughout its coastlines, spreading their language and culture throughout the region. The Romans also built many cities along its shores and used it as a vital transportation route for their armies.

In conclusion, what we now know as the Mediterranean Sea had different names during ancient times depending on who you asked – from ‘The Great Green’ to ‘Our Sea.’ It served as a hub for trade and commerce as well as an essential cultural center for various civilizations that inhabited its shores. Its importance cannot be overstated when discussing world history.