What Was the Most Common Animal in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was a civilization that thrived from around the 8th century BC to the 6th century AD. They were known for their advanced culture, literature, philosophy, and art.

Animals played an important role in their daily lives, from farming to religious ceremonies. But what was the most common animal in Ancient Greece? Let’s find out.

The Domestic Animals of Ancient Greece

The most common animals in Ancient Greece were domesticated ones. These animals were used for a variety of purposes such as transportation, food, and clothing. The three main domesticated animals in Ancient Greece were:

1. Sheep

Sheep were kept for their wool, which was used for making clothing such as tunics and cloaks. The meat was also eaten, although it was not as popular as other meats such as beef or pork.

2. Goats

Goats were kept for their milk and meat. Goat milk was used to make cheese and yogurt, while the meat was eaten on special occasions.

3. Cattle

Cattle were primarily used for plowing fields and transportation. The meat was also eaten but it was not as popular as other meats.

The Wild Animals of Ancient Greece

Apart from domestic animals, there were also wild animals in Ancient Greece that played an important role in mythology and society.

1. Wolves

Wolves were feared by the Ancient Greeks because they attacked livestock and sometimes humans. They were also associated with the god Apollo who had a wolf as his sacred animal. Bears

Bears were rare in Ancient Greece but they did exist in some parts of the country. They were also associated with Artemis, the goddess of hunting. Lions

Lions were not native to Greece but they were often depicted in art and mythology. They were associated with the god Dionysus, who was said to have tamed a lion.

The Most Common Animal in Ancient Greece

Based on historical records and archaeological evidence, the most common animal in Ancient Greece was the domesticated sheep. They were raised for their wool and meat, and their importance can be seen in the fact that their image appears on coins from that time period.


In conclusion, while there were many animals in Ancient Greece, domesticated sheep were the most common. They played an important role in Greek society and culture, from providing clothing to being featured on currency. Understanding the role of animals in ancient civilizations can provide insight into how humans lived and interacted with their environment.