What Was the Most Popular Drink in Ancient Greece?

When we think of ancient Greece, images of togas, philosophers, and epic battles come to mind. But have you ever wondered what the ancient Greeks drank?

What was their go-to beverage? The answer might surprise you.

What was the most popular drink in ancient Greece?

The most popular drink in ancient Greece was wine. Yes, that’s right – wine!

It may seem surprising to us today, but wine was the drink of choice for the Greeks. In fact, it was so important that they even had a god devoted to it – Dionysus.

But not all wine was created equal. The Greeks were quite particular about their vino and had a variety of ways to drink it. Here are some interesting facts about wine in ancient Greece:

The Different Types of Wine

There were several types of wine that the Greeks enjoyed. One of the most popular varieties was “krasis,” which means a mixture of different types of wines. The Greeks believed that mixing wines created a more complex and flavorful taste.

Another type of wine that the Greeks enjoyed was “oinos,” which is similar to what we know as red wine today. In fact, oinos comes from the Greek word for “vine,” which is where we get our word “wine.”

How Wine Was Made

Winemaking in ancient Greece was a complex process that involved several steps. First, grapes were harvested and crushed by foot or with large stones. Then, the grape juice would be left to ferment in large clay jars called amphorae.

After fermentation, the wine would be strained and stored in amphorae for aging. Some wines were aged for years before being consumed.

Drinking Etiquette

In ancient Greece, drinking wine wasn’t just about getting tipsy – it was also a social activity that had its own set of rules. For example, it was considered impolite to drink wine without first making a toast to the gods.

Additionally, wine was often mixed with water before drinking. The ratio of wine to water varied depending on the occasion – for example, a symposium (a kind of drinking party) might have a higher ratio of wine to water than a more formal dinner.

The Importance of Wine in Greek Culture

Wine was more than just a drink in ancient Greece – it was an important part of their culture. Wine was used in religious ceremonies and was believed to have healing properties.

Additionally, wine played a major role in Greek literature and art. Many famous works of art depict scenes of people drinking wine, and there are countless references to wine in Greek poetry and plays.


So there you have it – the most popular drink in ancient Greece was wine. It’s fascinating to think about how central this beverage was to their culture and way of life. Next time you raise a glass of your favorite vino, take a moment to appreciate the rich history behind it!