What Was the Most Successful Ancient Civilization?

Throughout history, there have been many ancient civilizations that have left a lasting impact on the world. From the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans, each civilization has contributed in its own unique way to shaping the world we live in today. However, when it comes to determining which was the most successful, it can be a difficult task.

Defining Success

Before we can determine which ancient civilization was the most successful, we must first define success. Success can be measured in many different ways, including cultural achievements, military conquests, economic prosperity, and technological advancements.

The Greeks

The Greeks are often considered one of the most successful ancient civilizations due to their contributions to philosophy, literature, art and architecture. Their empire spanned from 800 BC to 146 BC and during this time they established democracy as a form of government. The Greeks also made significant advances in science and technology.


despite their cultural achievements, they were not always successful on the battlefield. The Persians conquered Greece in 480 BC and Alexander the Great’s conquest of Persia was costly both in terms of resources and human life.

The Romans

The Romans are another civilization that is often considered one of the most successful due to their impressive military campaigns that led them to conquer much of Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. They also made significant contributions to architecture with structures such as the Colosseum and aqueducts.

their empire eventually fell due to corruption within their government system and invasions from barbarian tribes.

The Egyptians

The Egyptians are known for their impressive architectural achievements such as the pyramids that continue to awe people today. They were also pioneers in medicine with knowledge passed down through generations of doctors.

they were not always politically stable with periods of unrest and invasions from outside forces.


In conclusion, determining the most successful ancient civilization is not a straightforward task as each civilization had its own unique achievements and shortcomings. However, the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians are often considered the most successful due to their cultural contributions and advancements in various fields. Regardless of which civilization is deemed the most successful, their legacies continue to shape our world today.