What Was the Most Used Weapon in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece has been known for its military prowess and the use of various weapons during battles. From spears to swords, ancient Greeks had an array of weaponry to choose from. However, one weapon stands out as the most used weapon in ancient Greece – the spear.

The Spear: A Brief History

The spear was a versatile and effective weapon used by soldiers in ancient Greece. Its use dates back to the Bronze Age when it was made primarily of bronze or copper. Over time, spears evolved, and new materials such as iron were used to make them stronger and more durable.

The spear was widely used by hoplites, Greek soldiers who fought in a phalanx formation. The phalanx formation was a tactic where soldiers stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their shields overlapping, forming a wall-like structure. In this formation, spears were held upright and pointed forward, creating a barrier that was difficult for enemies to breach.

Why Was The Spear So Popular

One reason why the spear was so popular in ancient Greece was its effectiveness on the battlefield. It was easy to use compared to other weapons such as swords or bows and arrows. This made it ideal for mass training of soldiers and allowed armies to quickly build up their numbers.

Additionally, the spear allowed soldiers to attack from a distance without putting themselves in harm’s way. This gave them an advantage over their enemies who had to come within close range to attack with their swords or other melee weapons.

The Different Types of Spears

There were several types of spears used in ancient Greece. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Doru – A long spear that measured around 2-3 meters.
  • Xyston – Similar to Doru but longer, measuring around 4-5 meters.
  • Javelin – A shorter spear used for throwing.


In conclusion, the spear was the most commonly used weapon in ancient Greece. Its effectiveness on the battlefield, ease of use, and ability to attack from a distance made it an ideal weapon for hoplites.

While other weapons such as swords and bows were also used, they were not as popular or widely used as the spear. The spear remains an iconic symbol of ancient Greek warfare and is still used by some military units today.