What Was the Most Used Weapon in Ancient Times?

Throughout history, humans have been engaged in warfare, and weaponry has played a significant role in battles. Ancient times were no exception, with various weapons being developed and used for combat.

But which weapon was the most prevalent in ancient times? Let’s explore.

What defines an ancient weapon?

Before delving into the most used weapon in ancient times, it’s important to determine what qualifies as an ancient weapon. Generally speaking, ancient weapons are those that were used before the Middle Ages (approx.

5th century CE). These weapons were usually made of basic materials such as stone, wood, and bronze.

The most used weapon in ancient times: The Spear

When it comes to ancient warfare, there was one weapon that stood out from the rest – the spear. The spear was a long pole with a pointed tip that was used both for thrusting and throwing. It was also easy to manufacture and could be made out of a variety of materials such as wood, bone, and metal.

The advantages of using a spear

One of the main advantages of using a spear was its versatility. It could be used for close combat as well as long-range attacks when thrown. Additionally, spears were relatively lightweight compared to other weapons like swords or axes.

Another advantage of using a spear was its effectiveness against cavalry. A well-trained phalanx formation armed with spears could easily repel charging horsemen.

Examples of famous spears from history

There are several examples of famous spears from history that show their effectiveness on the battlefield. One such example is the Macedonian sarissa – a spear that measured up to 18 feet in length and was wielded by Alexander the Great’s army.

Another example is the Roman pilum – a type of javelin that was designed to penetrate enemy shields and armor before becoming stuck. This made it difficult for the enemy to remove the pilum and left them vulnerable to attack.


In conclusion, the spear was undoubtedly the most used weapon in ancient times. Its versatility, lightweight design, and effectiveness on the battlefield made it a popular choice for armies throughout history. From the Greek phalanx to the Roman legions, the spear played a crucial role in shaping ancient warfare.