What Was Used in Battles in Ancient Times?

In ancient times, battles were fought using a variety of weapons and tactics. From the prehistoric era to the medieval period, warfare has evolved significantly over time. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most commonly used weapons and strategies in ancient battles.

Prehistoric Era

During the prehistoric era, humans used primitive weapons such as clubs, spears, and rocks for hunting and self-defense. These weapons were not specifically designed for warfare but were still utilized in battle.

Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, archery was a popular form of combat. Archers would stand behind a shield wall while firing arrows at their enemies.

Chariots were also used in battle during this time period. These chariots were pulled by horses and had two wheels.

Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, warfare was characterized by the use of phalanxes. A phalanx was a formation of soldiers who stood shoulder to shoulder with large shields overlapping. The soldiers carried long spears called pikes that they used to attack their enemies from behind the shield wall.

Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was known for its advanced military tactics and weaponry. The Roman army utilized catapults, ballistae, and siege engines to attack fortified enemy positions. The Roman legions also used swords called gladii as their primary weapon while fighting on foot.

Medieval Europe

During the medieval period in Europe, knights played a significant role in warfare. Knights wore armor made of metal plates called mail or chainmail and rode horses into battle. They carried lances that they would use to charge at their enemies while on horseback.


The evolution of warfare has been an ongoing process throughout human history. From the primitive weapons of prehistoric times to the advanced weaponry and tactics of the medieval period, humans have always sought out new ways to gain an advantage on the battlefield. By understanding the weapons and strategies used in ancient battles, we can better understand how warfare has evolved over time.