What Were Ancient Greece Houses Like?

Ancient Greece is known for its impressive architecture and engineering, but what did the average Greek house look like? Let’s take a closer look at the typical features of ancient Greek houses.

Location and Layout

Ancient Greek houses were usually built on hillsides or near the coast to take advantage of natural light and ventilation. They were often arranged in a grid-like pattern, with narrow streets between them. The houses themselves were typically small and simple, with one or two rooms arranged around a central courtyard.


Most ancient Greek houses were built with materials like mud bricks, timber, and stone. The walls were thick to help keep the interior cool during hot summers. Roofs were made of terracotta tiles or thatched reeds.


Furniture in ancient Greek houses was often simple and functional. Most homes had a wooden bed frame with straw or woolen bedding, as well as a few chairs and tables for dining or working. Storage was limited, so people often kept their belongings in baskets or chests.


The ancient Greeks loved to decorate their homes with art and pottery. Walls were often painted with scenes from mythology or daily life, while pottery was used for both practical purposes like storing food and water as well as decorative purposes like displaying beautiful designs.

The Courtyard

The central courtyard was an important feature of ancient Greek houses. It served as a gathering place for family and friends, as well as a source of light and fresh air for the interior rooms. Some courtyards even had small gardens where herbs and vegetables could be grown.

The Andron

One room that was particularly important in ancient Greek homes was the Andron – a space reserved exclusively for men to entertain guests. It was decorated with fine furnishings and served as a symbol of wealth and status.

The Kitchen

The kitchen in ancient Greek homes was often separate from the main living area and located near the courtyard or outdoors to prevent fires. It was typically small and simple, with a hearth for cooking over an open flame.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms were not common in ancient Greek homes. Instead, people would bathe in public bathhouses or simply use a basin of water for washing.


While ancient Greek houses may seem simple compared to modern homes, they were well-designed and functional for their time. From the central courtyard to the Andron, each feature served a specific purpose in daily life. By understanding how these houses were built and used, we can gain a deeper appreciation for ancient Greek culture and history.