What Were Flowers Used for in Ancient Greece?

Flowers have been an integral part of human culture and civilization for centuries. The Ancient Greeks were no exception to this trend.

In fact, flowers played a significant role in their society and were used for a variety of purposes. Let’s delve into the fascinating ways in which flowers were used in Ancient Greece.

Religious Significance

In Ancient Greece, flowers were often associated with the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. They were seen as sacred offerings and were used in religious rituals to please the deities.

For instance, followers of the goddess Aphrodite would offer roses and myrtle as sacrifices to her. Similarly, people would offer laurel wreaths to Apollo, god of music and poetry.


Flowers were also extensively used for decoration purposes in Ancient Greece. They adorned homes, public places, and even worn on clothing to add beauty and elegance to everyday life. Greeks would often use flower garlands or wreaths as ornaments during festivals, ceremonies or social gatherings.

Wedding Tradition

In ancient Greek weddings, flowers played an important role in customs and tradition. Brides would wear crowns made of olive leaves or myrtle on their heads while carrying bouquets of herbs and flowers such as ivy, daisies, violets, or roses during the wedding ceremony. These floral arrangements symbolized fertility, purity, love, and happiness for the couple.

Medicinal Properties

Ancient Greeks also believed that certain flowers had medicinal properties that could cure various ailments. Flowers such as chamomile or lavender were thought to have soothing properties that could calm nerves or alleviate headaches when consumed as tea or rubbed on the skin. Flowers like poppies were used for pain relief.

Cosmetics & Fragrances

The use of flowers in cosmetics can be traced back to ancient Greece. Roses, violets, and marigolds were used to make perfumes and scented oils for beauty and fragrance purposes. Women would even use crushed petals as eyeshadow or lipstick.


From religious offerings to wedding traditions, decoration to medicinal and cosmetic uses, flowers played an essential role in Ancient Greek society. Their significance in Greek culture is a testimony to the universal appeal of flowers that persists even today.

  • Religious Significance
  • Decoration
    • Wedding Tradition
  • Medicinal Properties
  • Cosmetics & Fragrances

By exploring these fascinating uses of flowers in Ancient Greece, we can appreciate the diverse ways in which they have been integrated into human life over time.