What Were Guards Called in Ancient Greece?

Have you ever wondered what guards were called in ancient Greece? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various types of guards that existed in ancient Greece and what they were called.

Soldiers and Warriors

In ancient Greece, soldiers and warriors were essential to the survival of their city-states. These men were trained to fight in battle and protect their people from invaders.

The most famous group of soldiers in ancient Greece were the Spartans. They were known for their intense training regimen and their willingness to die for their city-state.


The hoplites were heavily armed infantry soldiers who fought in phalanx formations. They wore helmets, breastplates, greaves, and carried a large round shield (called an aspis) and a long spear (called a dory). Hoplites fought in close formation with other soldiers, making them an effective fighting force.


Archers played an important role in ancient Greek warfare. They were able to shoot arrows over long distances and could cause significant damage to enemy troops. Archers were often used as support for the hoplites on the battlefield.


Cavalry was also an important part of the Greek army. They rode horses into battle and could move quickly across the battlefield. The cavalry was often used to flank enemy troops or to chase down retreating soldiers.

City Guards

City guards played an essential role in maintaining law and order within ancient Greek cities. These guards were responsible for protecting important buildings such as temples, government buildings, and markets.


Hierodules (also known as temple slaves) guarded temples and other religious sites within Ancient Greece. Hierodules ensured that only those who followed the proper rituals were allowed to enter the temple.

Police Officers

Police officers were responsible for maintaining law and order within ancient Greek cities. They patrolled the streets and enforced the laws set forth by the city-state.


Now you know what guards were called in ancient Greece. From heavily armed hoplites to cavalry soldiers, archers, and city guards such as hierodules and police officers, each played a vital role in protecting their people and maintaining law and order.