What Were Teachers Called in Ancient Greece?

Have you ever wondered what teachers were called in Ancient Greece? Education was highly valued in Ancient Greece, and the role of teachers was equally important. Let’s dive into the history of education in Ancient Greece and discover what teachers were called.

The Role of Education in Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, education was considered a crucial part of one’s development. It was believed that education would enhance an individual’s skills, intelligence, and character. Thus, education was not only for the elite but also for the common people.

The Different Levels of Education

There were three levels of education in Ancient Greece: primary, secondary, and higher education. Primary education was meant for children aged seven to fourteen years old. It consisted of basic reading, writing, arithmetic, music, and physical training.

Secondary education was for students aged fourteen to eighteen years old. It included subjects such as literature, history, mathematics, philosophy, and rhetoric.

Higher education was only available to the wealthy and aristocrats. It involved studying under renowned philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle.

The Role of Teachers

Teachers played a significant role in educating the youth of Ancient Greece. They were respected members of society who taught students at all levels of education.

In primary schools or “grammars,” teachers were known as “grammatistes.” They taught basic reading and writing skills along with music and physical training.

In secondary schools or “gymnasiums,” teachers were known as “grammatikoi.” They taught subjects such as literature, mathematics, philosophy, rhetoric.

In higher education institutions such as academies or “akademia,” teachers were known as “didaskalos.” These highly respected individuals were experts in their fields and taught subjects like philosophy or mathematics to a small group of students.


In conclusion, teachers played a crucial role in Ancient Greece’s education system. They were respected members of society who imparted knowledge and wisdom to students at all levels of education. From grammatistes to didaskalos, teachers’ contributions to Ancient Greece’s education system have had a lasting impact on Western civilization’s development.

  • Primary Education – taught by “grammatistes”
  • Secondary Education – taught by “grammatikoi”
  • Higher Education – taught by “didaskalos”

Next time someone asks you what teachers were called in Ancient Greece, you can confidently answer them!