What Were the Main Jobs in Ancient Greece?

In Ancient Greece, the economy was based on agriculture, trade, and industry. The society was divided into different classes based on their occupation.

The ancient Greeks had a complex system of jobs and each job had its own significance. Here are some of the main jobs in Ancient Greece:


The majority of the population in Ancient Greece worked as farmers. They were responsible for growing crops and raising animals.

The fertile soil of the Greek landscape enabled them to cultivate crops like wheat, barley, olives, and grapes. Farmers used plows pulled by oxen to till the land and were also involved in animal husbandry.


Artisans were skilled workers who created goods by hand. They were highly respected in ancient Greek society as they produced products that were essential for everyday life such as pottery, jewelry, metalwork, weaving, and carpentry. Artisans often worked in small workshops with other craftsmen.


The military played an important role in ancient Greek society. Every citizen was required to serve in the army when called upon. Soldiers trained regularly to be prepared for battle and they were also responsible for maintaining order within the city-states.


Athletics was an important part of ancient Greek culture and many athletes competed in sporting events like running, jumping, discus throwing, wrestling, and boxing. Athletes were highly respected and admired for their physical abilities.


Trade played a significant role in ancient Greek society as it allowed them to acquire goods that they could not produce themselves such as spices from India or silk from China. Traders sailed across the Mediterranean Sea to sell their goods and bring back exotic products from other countries.


Scribes were literate individuals who worked as record keepers for the government, religious institutions, and other organizations. They were responsible for writing official documents and keeping track of important records.


Philosophers were highly respected in ancient Greece for their knowledge and wisdom. They were intellectuals who studied subjects like ethics, politics, and metaphysics. Philosophy was an important part of ancient Greek culture and influenced many aspects of their society.

In conclusion, Ancient Greece had a diverse range of jobs that were essential to the functioning of their society. From farmers to philosophers, each occupation played an important role in shaping the unique culture and civilization that we know today.